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Okay, one more from me so now you've got 12 winks ;-) Cute profile pic!

Posted by Butterface89 on Aug 30, 10 2:20 am · History

Thanks for favoriting my layout^.^

Posted by BabyAnett on Apr 30, 09 6:53 pm · History


Posted by karmakiller on Apr 15, 09 9:59 pm · History

oh shoot do you still use this thing

Posted by ArjunaCapulong on Mar 1, 09 3:30 pm · History


Posted by Naomitron on Feb 23, 09 3:15 am · History

hey, i love your graphics! the one graphic you have called just one night did you make that? if so what did you use? i've always wanted to make something like that but i can never figure it out

Posted by LiinaSn0w on Oct 8, 08 11:46 am · History

really cute picture :D

Posted by yukivsmizu on Sep 13, 08 4:12 pm · History

Hiiiii Kiera. ^_^

Posted by fameONE on Aug 21, 08 3:03 am · History

Oh gosh, I know, right? But New York isn't that bad if you know where to go/look for a place to live/buy groceries/etc.

Posted by hi-C on Aug 10, 08 9:50 pm · History

Yep yep, I'm a graduate now! It's not too fun though =( New York took all my moneys so I had to move back home. When/why are you visiting? Are you trying to relocate here, or is it just a fun trip? And there's not too much to do here other than go to museums/monuments =\ I guess there's a nightlife but I haven't been around it too much.

Posted by hi-C on Aug 7, 08 5:50 pm · History

aw good good! how was the break from school?
i'm majoring in psychology and journalism and minoring in french. i'm definitely loving college~a LOT of work, but what isn't? i'm just trying to indulge myself in everything, just so i don't regret anything, you know?

Posted by Teesa on Apr 8, 08 1:38 pm · History

woo woo what are you up to?

Posted by Heathasm on Apr 6, 08 9:30 pm · History


(: caps are fun.

Posted by minioligo on Mar 28, 08 9:40 pm · History

*hugs back* doing well! yes, sophmore in college!
how are YOU doing?? how's school going for you? are you graduating soon?

Posted by Teesa on Mar 21, 08 9:41 am · History

hi kiera :] CUTE picture! i like the leggings!

Posted by xTINAA on Mar 19, 08 2:00 am · History

KIERA!!!!! i miss you!!

Posted by Teesa on Mar 14, 08 6:39 pm · History

you shivered me timbers!

Posted by superstitious on Mar 10, 08 7:39 pm · History

Where have you been? :(

Posted by freeflow on Mar 3, 08 10:33 pm · History

do you use firefox or ie?

Posted by emberfly on Feb 26, 08 6:44 pm · History


Posted by misoshiru on Oct 18, 07 1:54 am · History

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