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Posted by Naomitron on Feb 23, 09 3:15 am


Why not? It's sexy and empowering. GET WITH IT, GIRRRRRRL!

*snaps fingers three times in Z-formation*

Posted by Naomitron on Sep 3, 07 1:40 am

Naomi I so don't approve of this provactive background. :P

Posted by hi-res on Sep 2, 07 11:56 pm

I'm with Julia on this one. The song most certainly brings back fond memories. Did I ever tell you how super cool you are? If not, you need to remind me.

Posted by Naomitron on Jul 7, 07 2:50 pm

Naomi is great! She gives me chocolate cake! :D

Posted by hi-res on Jul 6, 07 3:13 pm

I feel so late because this is the first time I've come across the new member profiles! How silly is that?!?! Yours looks wonderful, by the way. Miss you, laday!

Posted by Naomitron on Jul 3, 07 12:07 pm


Posted by hi-res on Jun 14, 07 9:50 pm
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