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Oh gosh, I know, right? But New York isn't that bad if you know where to go/look for a place to live/buy groceries/etc.

Posted by hi-C on Aug 10, 08 9:50 pm

I'm going to D.C just to check it out. I *may* relocate there in the near future if my dream of moving to NYC/California (San Fran or San Diego) doesn't work out. I'll probably end up visiting sometime in October. I wish NYC wasn't so damn expensive to live in. Gahghsdjfhdsjk!

Posted by hi-res on Aug 10, 08 7:18 pm

Yep yep, I'm a graduate now! It's not too fun though =( New York took all my moneys so I had to move back home. When/why are you visiting? Are you trying to relocate here, or is it just a fun trip? And there's not too much to do here other than go to museums/monuments =\ I guess there's a nightlife but I haven't been around it too much.

Posted by hi-C on Aug 7, 08 5:50 pm

Hey Carrie!

Did you graduate yet??

I see you are in D.C. now. What's happening in those parts? I'm looking at visiting there soon.

Posted by hi-res on Aug 7, 08 1:27 am

Carrie I need the link to your facebook so i can add you once I figure out my FB pw.

Posted by hi-res on Sep 3, 07 10:26 pm

I like your new user ;-)

Posted by hi-C on Sep 3, 07 10:22 pm

I saw Bloc Party, The Bravery, annnndddd Mos Def! =P

And yeah, I graduate at the end of this year XD Gosh. I'm almost an adult!

Posted by hi-C on Aug 14, 07 10:25 pm

I love this song


Posted by hi-res on Aug 13, 07 9:03 pm

What three concerts did you see!!!! ??

I'm so jealous, girl. I almost got a chance to see Mos Def and The Roots perform in Miami but because it was raining so bad, really bad (and I just got my hair done) I decided not to go. =(

Oh wait, aint you suppose to be graduating soon! =O

Posted by hi-res on Aug 13, 07 9:03 pm

Hi Ms. LaKiki! My summer's going well: I work too much at the Flags, but I have seen 3 concerts and hung out with my friends a fair amount so it balances out. How's your summer?

Posted by hi-C on Aug 8, 07 1:05 pm

What's going on miss carrie!? hows summer going for you?

Posted by hi-res on Aug 4, 07 12:45 am

LOL, I think if you add a "Fiasco" after everyone's name that it would have a nice ring to it. LaKiki Fiasco sounds cool XD

Posted by hi-C on Jul 5, 07 10:03 pm

Yep, I've been back since May 12th. It's sad =(

Posted by hi-C on May 27, 07 2:04 pm

I need a job too, girl. But I can't work just yet because I'm taking a full load all summer. That means no summer vacation for me which sucks.

Oh, you're back from overseas?

Posted by hi-res on May 27, 07 3:12 am

OH EM GEE, MOLOKO! Roisin Murphy is amazing!

And yeppers, I'm out for the summer. Too bad I need to get a job =(

Posted by hi-C on May 26, 07 6:54 pm

Carrie, are you out for the summer?

Posted by hi-res on May 26, 07 5:45 pm

Haha! I thought I was going to be the only one to whip on the victorian background! LOL! :P

Posted by hi-res on May 22, 07 2:36 pm

Too bad for a moment i thought that this thing recognized cbBBC.

Posted by hi-C on May 22, 07 2:13 pm

You're not 57! :ohmy:

And you stole my background, jocker! =O


Posted by hi-C on May 22, 07 2:13 pm
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